1. destiny 30 day challengeday 1 ★ favourite class → warlock
    destiny 30 day challenge
    day 1 ★ favourite class → warlock

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    Garden of Words (2013) - Directed by Makoto Shinkai

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Even if you don’t know how to read a birth chart, you can get a free step-by-step reading here.  Click here!


    Even if you don’t know how to read a birth chart, you can get a free step-by-step reading here. Click here!

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    From Sophie de Oliveira Brata’s Alternative Limb Project

    Oh my gosh so beautiful.


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The Payro family cat directs a portrait of the Payro children, Wakefield, Massachusetts 1909.


    The Payro family cat directs a portrait of the Payro children, Wakefield, Massachusetts 1909.

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    Whoa, scientists have finally uncovered the identity of Jack the Ripper 

    I don’t normally reblog things, but this is simply too interesting to not make a note of! Read more at the Independent or the Mirror

    This is so misleading that it is frankly a lie.

    First of all, “Scientists” haven’t solved anything except determined the results of a DNA test—matching a still-living descendent of the sister of a mental patient with a 126-year-old semen stain on the shawl of a single woman thought to be killed by the Ripper.

    • The idea that they could have a “100% match” is highly tenuous at best; siblingship is a tricky thing to discover through DNA to begin with, and vastly more so when you take into account that they’re testing the descendent of a sibling. There’s a reason that whenever possible, geneticists prefer to test a parent as well as a sibling, given how many DNA loci are recombined to form a sibling’s DNA. They also “matched” the shawl’s owner’s bloodstain to her “three-times great-granddaughter,” proving again a “100% match.” 
    • The DNA evidence has not been independently verified by any authorities.
    • The shawl itself, the one and only piece of physical evidence, has not been independently verified. It “is thought” to have been part of the case.
    • The lead detective on the case is not a detective. He is a self-proclaimed “armchair detective” and history nut. 
    • He is selling a book about this. It doesn’t take an “armchair detective” to realize that a book about looking for Jack the Ripper’s identity is not going to turn a profit without showing “conclusive proof” that they’ve found the killer. 
    • His only other proof is the fact that Kosminski was recorded as a suspect in the 1800s by the police, who were notedly anti-Semetic (Kosminski was a Polish Jew). 
    • This “study,” if it can even be called that when the information was clearly biased, was reported in the Daily Mail and the Mirror, not exactly shining bastions of journalism. Look for it to be discredited very soon. I’m betting Cracked’s “B.S. News Stories that Fooled Your Facebook Friends” gets there within a week.
    • The apparently brilliant scientist that has pioneered this new DNA matching technology, Dr. Jari Louhelainen, is hardly a standout in his field. He is not decorated, has received no awards or fellowships that I’ve been able to find, and is a professor at a college that has turned out only one notable alumnus in the scientific field, ever (and she is an astrophysicist). 
    • Even if the shawl and its two spots of purported DNA were not obviously of over-inflated importance (and if they could be verified), that is far from saying the mystery of Jack the Ripper is solved. All that would be in today’s courtroom is a single piece of circumstantial evidence for ONE of five serial murders.


    1. The newspaper that reported this is a tabloid.
    2. The “detective” is an amateur with a book to sell.
    3. The “scientist” is a lecturer at a new university in England that focuses on sports.
    4. The “evidence” is over-hyped and far from conclusive.
    5. The “evidence” only points to Kosminski for ONE murder out of five.

    This is not research. This is sensationalism. The mystery of Jack the Ripper is far from solved.

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  8. Permanent marker installations by Heike Weber.

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    Designed by Mitch Barchi, the Adventurer’s Kit is what I imagine someone like Mark Twain or Winston Churchill would have played D&D with back in their day.

    From the artist: 

    The Adventurer’s Kit had been inspired by my lifelong passion for roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons or World of Dungeons. My goal was to create a portable kit that anyone could pickup and play a quick, or introductory, roleplaying session with little to no prep time. I created a simple overland map illustration for the lid using the Art Institute of Seattle’s lasercutter. I also included a standard set of polyhedral dice since they are used in many roleplaying systems. Many roleplaying systems also use miniatures, I wanted to include some basic minis for the players. The miniatures featured in these sets are vintage unpainted Heroscape monsters. Also provided is a Moleskine notebook with gridded paper if the player or game master want to map a dungeon or take notes. Each kit also includes a pamphlet for the excellent hack and slash World of Dungeons RPG system. These printouts and other adventure PDFs can be found on Dungeon-World.com for free. With the tools provided in these kits players and game masters alike can enjoy an adventure on the go.

    Too bad it’s a one-off. This guy should think about pitching this to Wizards of the Coast for some sort of D&D Collector’s Edition Starter Set idea. I’d totally by the living shit out of something like that.

    CHECK IT: More tabletop ish
    BUY: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Starter Set